What Happened To Ukchatterbox


You might be wondering what has happened to Ukchatterbox, well the truth is nobody knows, some people say it was hit by a ddos attack and it couldn’t recover from it, others say they are upgrading the software and its going to be a new version of Ukchatterbox, what ever they are doing it is taking a long time, Ukchatterbox aka Ukcb was one of the best free chat sites around, I for one chatted on there regularly and i met some nice people and made a lot of friends, there was thousands of people logging in daily and it had the profile feature which meant you could view users pictures and information, I for one am sad to see Ukcb shut down and I hope they bring it back soon.


Where has Ukcb gone

Hopefully ukcb will be back asap and then we can all get back normal having a bit of banter online, i for one miss it and when im bored i want to chat to my internet friends online, im just glad i made this website for all my ukcb mates because they missed me too lol, log on now and come and chat to me, see you soon!

Just an update….It doesn’t seem like Ukchatterbox is ever going to return but I have found an alternative website where all the ukcb chatters go to…. this is called www.ukchatters.co.uk, I am a regular chatter on there so I hope to see you on there soon!